Gnawa Diffusion

Souk System

Bareket is the hit off Gnawa Diffusion latest album Souk System.

It’s sung in Amazigh, the language of the Tamazight who are indigenous people of the Sahara. As the band name indicates, they draw some of their creativity from Gnawa traditions too like their fondness for the Guimbri. The Guimbri is a three stringed instruments the Gnawas have popularized. The Gnawas are an ancient people of the western Sahel with a rich history. Mix in the two cultural influences with reggae and you have Gnawa Diffusion.

In recent years the Guimbri has been going through a revival amongst Morrocan and Western Saharan youth. It’s recent popularity is directly linked to the growing Tamazight and indigenous pride movement throughout the Maghreb which Gnawa Diffusion embrace in their music.

Ya Laymi- Gnawa Diffusion


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