Angola’s 60s and 70s

Most know Angola for the twenty year war that ravaged the country. Very few have been privy to Angolan music until the recent international phenomena of Kuduro ( i will dedicate another post to this). It’s nearest neighbour, the Congolese, have played a big part in shaping today’s Angolan music however in this post I will focus on 70s.

In the 60 and 70s much like the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa, contemporary Angolan music was influenced by American Rhythm ‘n Soul and Rock ‘n Roll. On top of that, Angola has been a part of centuries old transatlantic cultural exchange between Brazil, The Caribbean and Portugal. As it is a part of the Portugophone sphere, Angolan music naturally has a lot of similarities with Mozambique and Cape Verdean styles too.

Analog Africa…. Angola Soundtrack (Special Sounds From Luanda 1965-1978)

Os Bongos

Pachanga Maria by Os Bongos  

Alliace Makiadi

Passeio Por Luanda by Alliace Makiadi

Quim Manuel O Espirito Santo

Eme Lelu by Quim Manuel O Espirito Santo

Os Korimbas

Semba Braquez by Os Korimbas

Os Jovens Do Prenda

Ilha Vergem by Os Jovens do Prenda

Os Apolos

Massanga Mama by Os Apolos


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