Ahmed Fakroun

In the 70s and early 80s, there were no middle eastern or Maghreb artists who were experimenting with genres and reinterpreting traditions in their music like Ahmed Fakroun. Most of his fans were Libyan diasporans in France. Fast forward many years later and there I am surfing the internet on a router connection on my sturdy 1998 Compaq desktop when I stumbled upon Fakroun’s Ya Bladi. I was thunderstruck. I had never heard anything like Ya Bladi, an ardent love song to his homeland Libya, and I was soon scouring websites and stores to find anything I could and it took years to build up my Fakroun collection. Luckily since then Ahmed Fakroun’s star has once again arisen and his fans can purchase his record from any major online distributor.

Ya Bladi

La Ya Hob

Hareb Fil Layali

Ya Hussad

Sumaral Layali

Etmur Esnin

Al Shams

Jama El F’na

Fil Modin Al Kabira


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