Tommy T

So once upon a time in the middle ages, the European crusaders’ lost the war for the Holyland or what is now known as Israel. Their imaginations did not accept the loss and soon their hopes were weaved into a popular legend about far away people who lived in an earthly paradise because their love for the Bible’s God is abundant. Alas, these people were also surrounded by hostile Muslim empires and were biding their time to join in allegiance with the Europeans to once and for all defeat the Shahs, Amirs and Sultans of the world. This legend became known as Prester John. Through some chance of history, by the 14th century many Europeans believed Prester John’s kingdom to be Ethiopia.

That is the history behind Tommy T’s [Thomas Gobena] debut album The Prester John Sessions. The album cover is a play off of Ethiopia’s ancient monastery and church murals. The album’s foundation is strictly jazz, layered with reinterpretations of Ethio-Jazz ballads, Ethiopian folk traditions and roots reggae. Tommy T brings his punk rocker inclinations too, after all he is a band member of Gogol Bordello. It’s a dynamic album full of surprises.

The Call

East West Express

Oromo Dub

Eden feat. Gigi

The Eighth Wonder

Beyond Fasiladas


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