Anglo-Ethio Exchange

Tejbeit-Various Artists (from Passion Sources album)
A frenzied and trippy track. Imagine the small, thatched roofed room that is a tej bet (tavern). The air is thick with the guests’ inebriated and joyous energy as they’re swept up by the singing of the azmaris (traditional ethiopian troubadours). It’s an incredible experience.

Fresh Touch
They took the everyday sounds of Ethiopia and created a new and explorative palate. These guys won’t let listeners rest on the old laurels of familiarity, they would rather entice you with the promising possibilities of the next beat.
Fresh Touch-Modern Approuch
Fresh Touch-Harar Rhythm (the only track on the EP  with a video)

Fools Gold-
I’m a huge fans of this band and this is one of the tracks that turned moi into a fan. They are lovers of Ethio-Jazz and it’s very apparent in their self-titled first album. Though it’s sung in Hebrew, everything else is nostalgic of Tigray (Tigrigna) music circa the late 70s and early 80s.
Fool’s Gold- Yam Lo Moshech
This track is audible evidence of Luke Top’s, the lead singer of Fool’s Gold, statement that he is moved by and aims to sing like Ethio-Jazz legend Mahmoud Ahmed.
Fool’s Gold- Nadine

The Heliocentrics
This ensemble is the creme of the crop when it comes to contemporary acid jazz and they were one of the first bands to experiment with Ethio-Jazz.
The Heliocentrics with Mulatu Astatqe- Chik Chikka

Tao Ravao & Vincent Butcher- Hiwete
It’s a barebones yet emotive remake of the classic Ethio-Jazz composition by Mulatu Astatqe called Hiwete.

Bright Eyes- Haile Selassie
An indie band remembers an abyssinian emperor.


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