Devin The Dude

Devin The Dude

After UGK and Scarface, most probably would say Devin The Dude is the next best representative of Houston’s [TX] hip-hop scene, having been the longest signed artist for Rap-A-Lot Records. He writes his own stuff, produces it, raps and attempts to sing. It’s hard to mistake or confuse him for anyone else, Devin The Dude is inimitable. His lyrics are autobiographical. His style is conversational and relaxed, delivering each work with an H-town drawl.

Devin makes music about the everyday with subtle humor. Almost all his music is X-rated with graphic content and explicit language. I couldn’t get myself to limit Devin to one post, so a 2nd post will be up soon.

One For The Road ’13

Fresh Air

Stop Waitin

Reach For It

On The Grind ’06

Fresh Rims N Vogues Ft. Coughee

Pussy Ft. Sani G

Waitin to Inhale ’07

She Useta Be

Nothin To Roll With

Broccoli and Cheese

Drugs with Tela

What A Job with Snoop and Andre 3000

Baby Phat with De La Soul


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