Bounce Music

If you aren’t a New Orleans native, then chances you haven’t heard of Bounce music. It’s been around for twenty years and it’s deeply entrenched in New Orleans history and culture. The lyrics in Bounce play with sexuality and bravado with humor. Sissy Bounce diva, Queen Freedia explains it best;

Up tempo. Heavy bass. Call and response. A boom that makes the knock in the speakers. A happy music. An ass shaking music.

Disclaimer: Adult Content, Explicit language.
Turn it up, it’s hammertime!


Deslonde Girl by Flawless

Sissy Nobby

Wine It Up By Sissy Nobby

Big Freedia

Gin In My System by Big Freedia

Y’all Get Back Now by Big Freedia

Keedy Black

Bad by Keedy Black

Rock My World by Keedy Black

Nicky Da B

Beating Down Yo Block by Nicky Da B


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