Cody Chesnutt

Cody Chesnutt

He makes music that leaves you shook. Scathed. Cody Chesnutt doesn’t make music for numbing out. He is an artist that creates to awaken. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, he is mostly a self taught musician and multi-instrumentalist. He writes, one can imagine, as he speaks and you get the feeling that his music is a true glimpse into how he perceives the world around him and his music is his way of changing it for the better.

2002: The Headphone Masterpiece

Boy Life in America

Bitch, I’m Broke

The Seed

Smoke and Love

Can’t Get No Betta

The World is Coming to My Party

The Makeup

2010: Black Skin No Value

Do Better To The Young

2012: Landing On A Hundred

What Kind of Cool (Will We Think of Next)

Scroll Call

I’ve Been There

’til I Met The

Under The Spell Of The Handout

Love Is More Than A Wedding Day

Don’t Follow Me

Where Is All The Money Going

Don’t Wanna Go The Other Way


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